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Mirror Gen2 Ticket Information

This is the Mirror Generation 2 NFT Ticket, which could be redeemed for Solana-based Mirror Generation 2 NFT at They contain 3 factions: Vida, Xeon and Nova, and within each faction, Mirror can be minted in Common, Rare, Elite, Legendary and Mythical rarities, and these AI-Powered Assets can be used in the Mirror World Matrix.

Participation Process

In this round of sales, we are selling Mirror Generation2 Tickets that can be redeemed for Generation 2 Mirror NFTs. This is the entire participation process:

  • After purchasing a Mirror Gen2 Ticket, you will need to go to our Official Website, log into your MetaMask wallet and switch to the corresponding launchpad's network for NFT verification.
  • Then connect you Solana wallet
  • We will airdrop the corresponding number and rarity of Generation 2 Mirror NFTs to your wallet address.

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